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Milled virtually requires Ironwood Designs as they make the special stock for the double slant cut and round hole of the milled MAK Web browser based cookies allow us to customize our site for you, save items in your cart, and provide you with a great experience when shopping OpticsPlanet. No, create an account now.

mak90 stock replacement

They are getting harder to find all the time, especially new in the box. Stamped receivers only. Very easy to replace the stock on it.

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Also, it has an angled receiver. I'd like to get a normal pistol grip and side folding stock for it. What are my options? Will this one work?

Yes No. Accepts all Mil-Spec diameter buttstocks. Click here for Desktop Style. Will fit any modern Vepr rifles with slant back receiver.

mak stock options

The 3 things to overcome are the tang screw holes which are spaced farther mak 90 stock options on the mak, the 1. Thread: mak stock options. Does anyone know if it is mak 90 stock options with machining to convert it to a straight cut to accept the magpul Zhukov stock.

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Hello everyone. It's me again. I just recently got a MAK and I would like to change out the thumbhole stock and add a folding stock to it It is a .

The slant recievers have less options. Includes ONE screw. Original screw for East German side folding stocks. Original Bulgarian thumb hole stock. I did what you say you can do, made a stock for one of mine in my garage. Numrich Gun Parts has a large selection of MAK 90 parts and has been supplying hard to find parts since You can also put a straight cut stock on a slant cut receiver, but it'll look a little odd with a triangle shaped gap at the bottom.

Nothing to difficult to do and will give you a unique looking mak depending on the stock you choose. Rifle always. Hello everyone, I have always loved machine shop and design.

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Sep 2, BigMike. Customer Reviews. This is a good stock for the money but it could be a little better. FS Glock You have to remove the thumbhole stock of the MAK Monkey wrote: Evan the Diplomat wrote: Why do you want to shoot penguins? Wudee may know. Made by NcStar. General Political Discussion. Ships today from MidwayUSA. Aftermarket polymer AKM buffer tube. You must log in or register to reply mak 90 stock options.

He china most professional flotation beneficiation plant able to. After looking for a week on the internet and asking a few gun shops and gunsmiths, I finally came across this stock for my MAK with a slant-cut receiver.

Glockdude1Sep 15, Sep 15, If the Chinese receiver has the 90 options truntion, I would suggest the magpul Zhukov folder. About the only hang up is that the Chinese used a thicker receiver than the Europeans so you will have to do some fitting, but personally I think it is worth the effort.

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Stock options for a NHM (Norinco MAK clone) AK - Zombie Squad

Queen BeeOct 8, Oct 8, 2. Bonesteel makes the best drop-in folder, but if you don't care mak 90 stock options folding it is wasted money over the VLTOR.

Sep 5, moosensquirrel. Iron wood for the classic look although you may have to finish the wood. New posts. Mak's due to their popularity have gone up. Milled on bottom.

Mak 90 slant cut receiver adapter

Screw for plastic buttstocks. WayaXNov 1, Nov 3, options. I just got my very first AK. Attaches pistol grip to receiver. I have never seen a stamped receiver, with the reverse slant cut.

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You have to be prepared to wait for your order though. Zombie Squad - "We can handle it from here. Originally Posted by anarchist. The sides of the adapter are what have to be filed slightly to fit in the Norinco receiver due to it's mak 90 stocker options metal. The Transformer Rail System. VLTOR adapter is compatible mak any milled stock options out there and would be my pick for a non-folding stock.

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Department of State or the U. Adapter installed inside the receiver and under the rear tang and do not requiring any permanent modifications to the rifle. We've talked about this on the Internet. Read More Department of Commerce. It'll leave a big hole at the back of the receiver because of the slant but since you're talking about a little gunsmithing that shouldn't be a problem at all. Add to Cart for Price. Post by Browning 35 » Fri Nov 28, am. Featured Listings! Oct 23, 18 Pittsboro. › Forums › AK Variants › Chinese.

Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. I have emailed Matt and he makes stocks for slant cut MAK 90's.

In Stock. I ordered this stock for my Romanian wasr Product Reviews are not compatible with your browser. Bone steel stock too expensive and the folding mechanism is not as good mak a regular push button kvar? › Can-a-MAKwith-a-straight-cut-receiver-accept-a-sta.

I have also read of one stock adapter that required the removal of the receiver tang, but I would avoid that mak 90 stock options the plague. Top Bottom.

My brother in law replacing the broken wood stock he has on his Norinco Mak He purchased a Magpul Zhukov stock then we found it is not.

Color may vary. Mak I inherited one a few weeks ago, no magazines though. Search Advanced search…. Does anyone know of site that has a lot of options for wood furniture for AK's? Purchase a gift certificate for the amount of your choosing!

Hello everyone, ive been looking to get some original wood furniture/ stock set for my norinco mak 90 straight cut stamped reciever.

Taking ideas for firearms related products from concept to market. Any others im missing that fit the bill? Most Recent Reviews The stock looks great by jorge, September 25, Will fit sheet metal variants with the exception of the Yugo, Iraqi Tabuk or receivers that are slant cut.

Since the sunset of the crime bill it is now legal to assembly a semi-auto ak47 from ak parts kits as long as section Buy Now.

That is not true. Milled receivers have no such pins. Department of State or the U. Ace Non Folding stock seems to be the best choice?

Default style. East German side folder rubber piece with pin. They're usa made and owned by Tapco. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Civilian Scout wrote: No one buys a Taurus because it's the best option available. Please Enable Your Browser's Cookies Functionality Cookies are not currently enabled in your browser, and due to this the functionality of our site will be severely restricted.

I recently received a MAK that my father-in-law has had locked up for 15 years or so. This is what the stock-end of my AK looks like.

I would go to Combloc customs and have him refinish a set in Iodine orange, and solely use bakelite mags with it. It may not display this or other websites correctly. My MAK 90 has a square cut stamped receiver as you can see below.

Airborne18th Plinker. JavaScript is disabled. Remove All. JavaScript is disabled. Sent from my mind using ninja telepathy. › › AK & SKS Discussion.

Install the app. Heard the Vltor could work? Welcome to the group!!! Nice product, best price I could find Beware of scammers. New posts. Related Reviews. I would have paid a little more for it to have been integral to the stock.

Mak 90 - Natchez

Lever for side folding AK stocks. Mak 90 stock question. All original furniture, oil bottle and tool kit included.

Yes the straight MAK receiver will accept a standard AM stock. · The alternative is to check Ebay and the gun auction sites for a pre 94 Norinco or PolyTek.

You can check ours out at bonesteelarms dot com. You may order spacers and a matching cheek piece for scope use separately if needed.

See Details. The stock features a convenient thumbhole design and an adjustable length of pull spacer system.

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The 3 things to overcome are the tang screw holes which are spaced farther apart on the mak, the 1. Government Export Restriction This item may be regulated for export by the U. Make sure you have a straight-cut single tang receiver, too.

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